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An own style is worth its weight in gold, after all everyone tries to stand out a little from the crowd and do his own thing. But to really find your own style is not that easy. Whatever helps is inspiration - whether on the street in magazines or on the net. We at DEF Magazine want to help you do this and regularly provide you with inspiration for trends and the latest styles, which you can then combine, imitate or ignore as you please. Be inspired and get creative.

Air Jordan Sneakers in a white and red colorway

Come Fly with me - Michael Jordan

There are athletes who have their big moment. And there are athletes who shape generations and redefine their sport. Michael Jordan undoubtedly belongs to the second category. Not only did he set one record after another with the Chicago Bulls (for example, 63 points in a play-off game), but he still inspires millions of lifestyle and fashion fans today with the collections of his Jordan Brand and the accompanying sneakers. Jordan is and remains the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) and continues to set the standards for cool and authentic styles in 2020. Just click your way through the wide range of T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, pants and shoes that we always have in stock for you. Can you jump as high with them? Who knows - just give it a try.


Nike Air Max 2090 - Update or Innovation?

On Air Max Day, new silhouettes are always making their debut. This year, the Air Max 2090 was launched. The Air Bubble is reminiscent of the legendary Air Max 90. But Nike takes this futuristic newcomer even further by adding a transparent upper - one of the most popular trends on the sneaker scene right now. And that's exactly what gives you great opportunities to customize the shoe to match your style.

Nike Air Max 97 in different colorways

Got Air? The legendary Nike Air Max

There are sneakers that shape generations. One of these iconic sneakers is the Air Max from Nike. What began in 1987 with the Air Max 1 is still true today: No other shoe has as much style as the Runner invented by Tinker Hatfield. The first visible Air Bubble caused a sensation back and soon the Air Max 1 changed from sport to lifestyle. Everyone wanted the "A". But also the following models like the Air Max 90, the Air Max 95 or the futuristic Air Max 97 enjoyed great popularity then as now and pushed Nike to the top. Choose your favorite.

Couple wearing Sweatwear sitting on the couch

Home is where the style is

As the American says: Home Sweet Home. Whether it's rainy weather, house arrest or a small global pandemic - hanging out at home can be great. So make it nice in your own four walls. You can do this with art, cool furnishing ideas or great colors. What's missing now is the feel-good clothing for the next Netflix marathon. And we swear by ultra-comfortable sweatpants, casual T-shirts and soft hoodies - preferably oversized so that the occasional bag of chips doesn't immediately attract attention. Make your home base the place of your heart.

Couple in Sportswear during a workout

Move your ass – but in style

You only have one body - so be good to it, because you have to tolerate each other for a while. Besides: If you eat healthy food you will have twice as much fun at Cheat Day, very simple calculation. But what always works and does really well is sport. Is there anything better than getting a good work out in? The endorphin kick after a good run or an extensive workout session is a natural high. As a style magazine, we inspire you to find the right look for physical exercise. Because when you look good, you feel good and vice versa. No matter if it's body-hugging tops and tights or casual sweatpants and hoodies - a sporty look is the first step to a bikini figure. Let's do this.

Illustration of a woman wearing cargo pants and a shirt

Cargo Pants - the definition of casual

Comfortable cut, lots of storage space through many pockets, great colors that always fit and timeless style - whoever invented the cargo pants, owns a monument. Hardly any other trousers are so versatile and always look good. And that goes for girls as well as boys. Currently, the all-round pants are more popular than ever and something like an absolute must-have in spring. A casual TShirt and white sneakers - the perfect outfit is ready. We have a variety of styles and colors for you in our program. Which cargo suits you best? 

Nike Air Force 1 in neon yellow
Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers
a pair of chunky sneakers from adidas
Puma RS-X Sneakers